Natural England Podcast

Welcome to the Natural England Hampshire downs Farmland Conservation Podcast!

Hear about the variety of ways agricultural land is managed to create fantastic benefits for wildlife and find out how Countryside Stewardship has helped them with their ventures.

This series introduces flagship farmers and advisers who are not only local leaders and respected amongst their peers, but they are also implementing progressive management across the land they manage. Rather than Natural England and conservationists talking at farmers and land managers, these influencers empathise and understand the challenges and motivations behind managing for wildlife and Countryside Stewardship. We have talked to six farmers and two advisers from across the Hampshire Downs all with different approaches and attitudes but all achieving huge gains for wildlife on the land they manage.

This page is setup to host the podcast series and will be updated as each episode is published.

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Any views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the podcast episodes by the interviewees belong solely to the interviewee, and not necessarily to the interviewers or Natural England or DEFRA.

  1. Very interesting interview with Francis Buner from GWCT and the positive developments taken in the field to conserve the Grey…